1606 cant access netwok ocation this is driving me nuts


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error 606 cant access netwok location this is driving me nuts
please someone ???
most programs when I try and load them in this comes up ...

I download the fix that w suggested but no change

does anyone know how to fix this via regedit

I cant even update word

there must be someone that has had this problem


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Maybe you need to explain exactly what you are doing a little better. I get you are trying to download something and are unable, but what fix did you apply? Is your network connectivity normal otherwise? Is it just certain programs or sites?

Do you have a firewall or anti-virus that might be blocking some sites?


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I have done all in those w7 pages no joy
its not downloads

its updating programs like OFFIC
or installing dvddirector and others
it apears to be any program thats was originaly in the hard drive either removed or just trying to reinstall
its a real pain in the ***

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