2 Items, one to keep the menu bar WITHOUT clicking on "ALT" and...

I right click on a network folder , and there is NO option to search. I need this function. I need to make it available. In XP, I would go to a folder and right click, then click on "search" Windows7 is not letting me do this, how do I correct this? Also, I really don't want to press "alt" every single time I want the menu bar, how can I get these options back?

Thank you

I really don't like the way to search on W7 and Vista, it wokred PERFECTLY on Windows XP and that is the way I want it again. Also, there is no progress indicator on when the search is being done or if it is finished, seems as if I am supposed to guess here. PLEASE help!!!!!

Please assist.


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I am not sure if I fully understand the first part, but the second - you are referring to IE? Click "Tools" along on the right - then Toolbars. You will see the option to display the menu bar parmanently.

I am not referring to I8

Say I want to go to a folder in my "C" drive such as "C:\office" I can click on "C" and right click and do search, BUT if I click on any FOLDER INSIDE OF "C" the "search" selection from the drop down on the right click is NOT there. I don't want to search in the search window in the address bar, I want the right click function as it used to be in XP.

The other item is the menu bar, not in IE, but like in my computer, it is NOT readily available, I have to press "ALT" to get, "File, Edit, Print.....help" I want it to display all the time. These are things that worked fine in XP and I want to mimic that because they worked properly and they worked well.
Thank you.

OK, I got the Menu bar to display

I had to click Organize, then layout and select menu bar....but the search part is really bugging me.

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