32bit application on 64bit machine


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One of my users got a 64bit Windows 7 machine. My application (Filemaker based) is not 64bit compatible.

Can the 64 bit machine be configured to run in 32bit mode or somehow set to accommodate the application? i doubt they really need a 64bit machine, but they've got it.

If it can be configured to run in 32 bit mode, what do I tell them to do?

Thanks in advance.


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First, just because the machine is 64 bit does not necessarily mean they have a 63 bit version of the op sys installed - have you confirmed which version of Windows 7 they have? Exactly what application program is it that is causing the problem?


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I have only found one of my old programs that would not run in Windows 7 64 bit and that was Adobe Indesign CS2. Every thing else has run fine, I had to buy a new version of Indesign.

If you have tried and had it say it's not compatible and compatibility mode won't work then you may have to update the software or dual boot to Windows XP 32 to use it.

Adobe told me Indesign wouldn't work, but I tried everything to get it running, (it's an expensive upgrade) but no luck.

I had some issues with my old Adobe Premiere Elements too, but it did work, however I decided to upgrade that to the new version as well.



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'Control Panel/System & Security/System/System Type' says 64 bit, so I assume 64bit has been installed.

The installation program appeared to have worked properly (32bit program - SetupBuilder from gppsoftware) and gave a 'successful' install message.

When the application is run, it encounters an error and displays 'Filemaker Pro Runtime has stopped working'. The FileMaker web-site says their software has not been tested in a 64 bit environment so I'm assuming that is the issue. This is copied from the Filemaker web-site:
FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Pro Advanced have not been tested on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 64 bit Edition.
FileMaker, Inc. does not officially support the products listed on a 64-bit Windows platform.

Can the 64 bit machine be configured to run in 32bit mode or somehow set to accommodate the application? i doubt they really need a 64bit machine, but they've got it.
either your user returns to 32 bit or he installs a VM and in there a 32bit OS


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FileMaker 10 can run in 64-bit:

FM10 and 64-bit Windows - FileMaker Forums - FileMaker Pro Help and Support Worldwide Community

doubt they really need a 64bit machine
If they have over 3.2GB of RAM installed, they will need 64-bit. More than half of all new Windows installs are now 64-bit. Every computer in a store has more than 4GB of RAM except for the extremely low-end systems. If they use 64-bit now, they can avoid the upgrade obstacle (there is no way to upgrade from 32-bit to 64) once it becomes par of the course, which will probably be within the next several years.

I have used FileMaker and FileMaker Server extensively in the past, and when it runs, it does a great job. However, updates are sparse and support is even worse. You will need to start acquiring the 64-bit version of client and server if you are talking about system modernization and standardizing everyone that is using this software.

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