32bit installs ok, 64bit = BSOD Blue Screen of Death

I had windows 7 pro 32bit in stalled on my computer for months. It crashed wiht a nasty BSOD after trying to install ad-aware.

I was unable to restore windows to an earlier time until I checked the disk for errors.
I was unable to check the disk for errors as there was a software problem
Windows said that I needed to restore it to an earlier point, THEN I could check the disk.

You see where this gets frustrating, right?

I realized shortly after trying to repair it, that I could not boot. I was shot to hell.

I did a clean install and it went just fine. Since I have a 64bit processor, I figured I'd re-re-install with 64bit windows 7 pro.

I reformatted the HD, and tried to install the 64 bit version, but while "Expanding Windows files" is still at 0%, I get a BSOD where it is a STOP: 0x0000001e Then a series of (0x0000000000,......) all zeros.

I am now reinstalling the 32bit version and it's expanding just fine. I WANT to use the 64bit version, but it ain't letting me! Why? The bios should be fine with either of them, right?

What hardware or software conflict should stop 64 bit but allow 32 bit install?

It's a home built pc, with a gigabyte ultra durable MB GA-MA790x-ud4p and AMD Athlon Phenom II 640



STOP: 0x0000001e most likely means that your 7 64-bit installation is probably incompatible with your hardware. Check if both your motherboard and CPU do support 64-bit computing, and that all the necesssary features are enabled in bios - you may need to upgrade your bios to 64-bit compatible version (consult your manufacturer first).

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