34bit versus 64bit

Some of you may own a ATT Galaxy S Captivate phone by Samsung. In the last week Samsung released a Kies Mini to upgrade the phone to the Froyo 2.2 Android Platform.

It is a 32 bit Kies Mini program and if you have a win7, 64bit, system you are out of luck to download the upgrade to your phone.

Best advice from Samsung , was to find a person with a 32bit XP, Vista or Win7. Great tech advice in this day and age. I am a intermediate or better operator of windows programs, but i am baffled that apparently i am ahead of technology at Samsung.

I cannot figure any way to get this program to my file, with the 64bit program, but hopefully there is some info i might gleen from this post.:scratch:


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Running a 64 bit operating system does not generally prevent you from running 32 bit applications - is there a particular problem with this program? Have you tried it?

Yes i have tried this many times, on desktop and laptop, both purchased within the last 9 months. Both are dual core decent machines. Samsung categorically, states, use a 32 bit system. It seems Samsung knows alot about phones as do ATT, but neither have any technical advice whatsoever. It reminds me of dealing with aol 12 years ago. Its you, its never us. Everytime i go to the last step open Kies Mini where i get the instruction to connect phone, i get a windows failure apperror. I get all the drivers loaded on the computer and the phone, but it won't download the file to the phone.

Actually i don't think either of them care or want to even address the problem. Of course ATT has all the excuses, we only do phones, the download belongs to Samsung, back and forth, b.s.

i've deleted and reinstalled the kies several times on each machine, with same result.

It reminds me of the definition of insanity.

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