3D_Enable_G.exe Wasting CPU!

Should I keep ASUS components installed?

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David Cole

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I have Windows 7 on a custom built computer, and I am a gamer. I play a lot of resource intensive games, that require a lot of CPU power. However, games like GTA5 constantly freeze because this program 3D_Enable_G.exe is wasting 50 CPU even when nothing is running. I have researched this enough to realize that it is a part of ASUS. Now here's my question. Is it necessary to have ASUS drivers and components installed or am I just wasting CPU? If I don't need it, how would I uninstall it?


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Hi David,
apologies as it seems like your post has been missed. The above app belongs to ASUS GPU Tweak and can be removed. It's ok to remove apps like this but not drivers which are of course needed by the system to run properly.