64 bit failing disc

Well I am having an issue. The instruction manual says to put the disc in the optical drive and I did so. It then read the disc, and showed up empty. Vista wouldn't read the disc at all. So I then went and restarted my computer, into my BIOS, switched the boot sequence order to optical drive 1st, saved it booted into the disc. It came up like it is supposed to and did most of its stuff, then went to install and said that my drivers for my optical drive were out of date. But they were the only drivers out there for it. Can anyone help me with that?


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Are you able to read the disk anwhere else (another computer.etc) If you could somehow copy the contents to another partition, in a folder named, for example, setup, you could install from there.

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I have yet to try another computer. So i will do that and post back what happens.

So it is being noticed in my laptop, but that is not where i want to install it. Could it have to do with anything like I don't have autoplay?

Here is something that might help. When i put the disk in there and it finishes reading the "empty" disc, i am able to double click my disk drive (D:/) and it glitches the my computer program into not responding and causes it to stop everytime. If that helps.


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OK. That sounds promising! Are you networked to the main computer?
If so, Copy the contents of the dvd onto a new folder on the laptop. Now, if able, do as above. Make a directory called setup on a spare partition on the main machine. Copy the DVD contents, which you now have in the laptop, into that folder. Boot up into Vista and now run the setup.exe from the folder you have created.

2nd choice. Try and make another copy of the DVD, using the Laptop. This may work as it could be the DVD which has an error, not the player.

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I do not have the main and the laptop networked, however I can't also try the second choice because I do not have a writable DVD in my house. Now instead of a DVD could I use a flashdrive? (8GB Kingston)

I have done some google searches and I may have found my issue. Vista's defaults for the Optical Drive Autoplay feature for all types, have to be manually set. I have set them all the ask me first, and I will see if this works.

Well that didn't work so I have gone and went to the control panel and hardware, and updated every driver it would let me update. In the mean time I was formatting my flashdrive, so I will try again after it finishes.

Ok, so I did in fact get it to it to work. I had to copy the disc files onto my flashdrive, then run the install from there. So its all good now, thanks for the help.

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