Windows 7 64 bit installation issue


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Jan 14, 2009
I have installed W7 32 on a laptop. It is running.
I am now trying to install W7 64 on my desktop.
I can't get past the drive partitioning screen.
I deleted the partitions and repartitioned it and formatted it but it is still telling me it can't install on this drive because the hardware may not support booting to this drive. It tells me to insure that the disk's controller is enabled in BIOS. There is no "enable" function and XP32 boots just fine from another drive (Samsung 300GB) connected to the same port.

Drive is a clean drive which had been running in this system under XP.
It is a WD 160GB IDE drive connected to the MB IDE port (not add-on bd)
I partitioned it 20GB + 140GB - the same as the laptop.
No other drives are connected except the optical drives which are both SATA.
It is a relatively new MB with an Intel Q6600 quad processor.

Do I have to somehow change to 64 bit MB drivers before installation???
How does that work to be able to boot back to XP32 as that is my 'working' system???

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