Windows 7 64bit install error (0xC00000e9)


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Mar 8, 2009

Trying a new install on a brand new PC.. 32bit installs fine, but no luck with 64bit.

Intel i7 processor

No devices plugged in to USB ports except keyboard

'Windows has encountered a problem communicating with a device connected to your computer'
'This error can be caused....... blah blah'
'Status: 0xc00000e9'
'Info: An unexpected I/O error has occurred."

I've swapped video cards, tried different SATA drives, but no luck. I've also disabled all the USB stuff (boot from usb etc).... but still no luck...

Any suggestions (I'll burn the DVD at 1x speed next as suggested by some others on this and other forums and let you know)....

Keep in mind that 32bit installs without a problem...
Are you using VGA to the monitor or something else?
People have issues when DVI or HDMI are used.
yeah, DVI to a massive DELL 32" (?) monitor...

I'll try and old one, but the card(s) I have only have DVI, so I'll need to use an adapter...

yeah, ok, I should have listened :)

I reburnt the OS on to a new DVD at the slowest speed, and it worked first time!

Very strange!

Hope this helps people in the future...
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yah. IT WORKS...

I faced to same issue. But after reburning a new DVD with 4x speed. I works. I don't know how it happen...
Anyway it works. Windows 7 64-bit edition:)
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