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Windows 7 7000 to 7022 upgrade...where are my docs?? weird


New Member
Feb 18, 2009
Dear all,

hope someone can help.

I just upgraded my Windows 7 7000 build to 7022 (32 bit). I did not do a clean install based on the fact that my Vista to 7000 upgrade went just fine.

So, here's the problem: all of my docs are gone! Only the directories within My Music, My Docs, etc. are listed (not the files). My music, pics, etc...all gone.


I have noticed though that my hard drive capacity is more or less the same. This is a good indication that the files are sitting somewhere else in my HD. Now, this new file structure is a little intimidating and after running several searches in Windows Explorer I gave up. I know the files are there; I just need a little help to find them.

If someone knowledgeable is reading this, would appreciate your kind suggestions to find my files.

As soon as I find everything I plan to wipe my hard drive and do a clean install. Lesson learned.

Thanks in advance.

To the administrator...I apologize for double posting. Please delete this message for me (again, I'm very sorry).
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