Windows 7 7000 to 7022...where are my docs?? weird


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Dear all,

I just upgraded to 7022 (yes, it's zippier and all)...and have a really weird problem to report and seek help.

As with my Vista to 7000 upgrade, I did not do a clean install; the upgrade went smoothly back then. For the record, these are all 32 bit installations and I am running a Dell e1405 with 2Gb RAM and 1.8 Ghz Dual Core processor with a 60 Gb HD.

Now, here's my issue...hope someone can shed light. After I upgraded from 7000 to 7022 I noticed that all of my docs were gone! My Music, Downloads, Documents, etc ONLY DISPLAY THE DIRECTORIES; every file in the root directories is gone. I also noticed that the settings of most my programs are not accessible.


I know my files are somewhere in my hard drive; they are not deleted judging by the fact that the capacity of my HD remains the same after the installation. This new filing system is a little intimidating for me and I gave up. I just cannot find my docs and settings.

Please help.

Thank you for your suggestions.
Assuming your boot drive is C:, try looking in the C:\Users folder. Each folder in there corresponds to a user profile - you might just find your username in there twice, with slightly diffferent names. If so, check the Documents and whatever folders inside each of them - your missing files could be listed under one of them. Just an idea ....