90%+ usage 8GB ram problem!

So my laptop will run fine for around an hour and then all of a sudden it seems really sluggish and slow and sometimes reaches the point where chrome is just unusable. I have to restart the laptop and it seems fine again. I have 8gb ram and have been monitoring usage in resource monitor and now, 92% physical memory is being used and I only have 3 tabs open on chrome and resource monitor. There seems to be quite a lot of 'svchost.exe' running. I just can't figure out why so much memory is being used. Any help or advice is appreciated. Thanks


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Do you use apps like Ccleaner:
(I don't recommend using the Registry cleaner as windows doesn't need one)
And Malwarebytes:
Removes any malware that may have crept in.
Also is Chrome the latest version? Check by clicking on the settings tab and then clicking about Chrome.

Windows will use quite a bit of RAM anyway as it puts app data in caches so that it's quickly accessed. As long as you regularly run apps like the above (once a week/month depending on laptop use) and your not getting error messages about low memory I wouldn't worry too much about it as it's how Win 8 and above was designed to work.
Obviously if your getting sluggish then run those apps above and see if it helps.

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That screenshot was taken after I had just used ccleaner and done a full scan on norton. I am also running the latest version of chrome. I would be happy to ignore the high percentage if it didn't keep slowing down the laptop. It's pretty new as well and cost like £1200 so it's a bit annoying to have to keep restarting it every hour.


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Get rid of Norton. (Use something else like Avast or AVG).
Disable some Chrome extensions that you don't need.

good luck!


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