A Full Workflow with Flow with Email, Attachment, Translation, OneDrive and Teams.


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Good morning!
I start directly with the scope of the work of the discussion, as you can have a clear picture of what I am looking for.

I receive on daily email with PDF in Italian language and these email should be translated and submit via email a to a Group in Teams in English.

I think Flow is the key.

I create a flow able to translate and submit via email and to the Group the translating body of the message but... what's about the attachment?

I found the API https://elasticocr.com/help/ able to process the PDF and generate an OCR of it then that file it is submit to my onedrive as repository.

The step where I am stuck is this: how can I know get this PDF and translate it?

Can please suggest any applet / trigger able to monitor the upload folder and start the process?



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I don't think anything exists for this. It would likely end up being a custom script or application that would need to be created.