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I have to admit that my main computer is a Mac (please don't hold it against me) but I've just bought a notebook running Windows 7. I'm doing ok getting the hang of it but I have one small thing I'm puzzled about, it concerns 'conime' and it puzzles me. I've looked it up and read a lot of conflicting info. It shows up in my start up list but I did a search of my drive and could not find it anywhere. I does not show up in 'task manager' either. So does that mean I can safely un-select it in the start up list? Thank you very much for any help offered.


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Wanted to add the info in the start up box.
Item:- conime
Manufacturer:- Unknown
Command:- %windir%\system32\conime.exe


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As best as I can determine conime.exe is installed as part of the Windows OS to support Asian Characters in console sessions (like TelNet and even the Command Prompt). Seems common with Asian product installs or if you've installed some common Asian Language Packs.
If this is not the case then you should probably run a virus/malware scan.
If it is the case then I would suggest leaving it alone.
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Thank you for your help, I think I'll leave it for now.

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