A View Through Windows 8.1.1

Windows 8.1.1 or Windows 8.1 Update or KB2919355

Call it what you like, a rose by any other name is, still, a rose. And this has brought some pretty rosy stuff to Win 8.1. 8.1 delivered a plethora of cool things to the initial Windows 8.0 platform but, I am not here, right now, to discuss that gold mine but, rather its Update, Win8.1.1. This small yet, packed Update comes or will as an Auto Update via WU. It installs quickly and easily. Basically, its only requirement is having Windows 8.1 in place… an 8.0 device must be Upgraded to Windows 8.1 and then on to this Update.
Now, even though 8.1 responded to User feedback and requests, 8.1.1 has tried to take that endeavor, even, further. Much of that is in regard to making the OS more intuitive, more familiar and more mouse friendly, catering to non-Touch environments and to have some things more overt. A good portion of the Update impact on both Consumers and Businesses whilst some are value items specifically for enterprise. Firstly, let’s address the ‘common ground’ and then look at the assets to or for businesses. I will not delve into extreme details for this discussion but, will provide links which, will give you the full story. However, the links go to the usual, sterile, propaganda and although, certainly, informative & enlightening, not the personal perspective that I would like to share, at this time.
I write in several tech forums, ergo, I have seen what people like, dislike or want. 8.1 does, indeed, indulge what people have been expressing. It, also, I feel, helps make people enjoy using Store APPs more and helps draw then into the world of APPs. A major part of the Update is in regard to APP handling and usage. To me it’s mostly about APPs but, there are some other items so let’s tackle them, first. May seem like little things but, sometimes doesn’t take much to make people happy. And this does destroy the suggestion that MS doesn’t listen to End Users or care what they think or say. On Start there, now, are Power & Search icons. There are Rt Clk menus attached to the Start Tiles. There’s a Search box on the ALL Applications screen. Back to the Store APPS enhancements because I suggest, this is the, really, cool bit. Some people have struggled over using the Switcher Bar, opening APPs, closing APPs and positioning and maneuvering or manipulating them. Well, this is where things get exciting… NOW, the Store APPs can sit on the Task Bar and they can be pinned. NOW, they can be closed or minimised with a bar at the top of them. NOW, as many as four can be enjoy with greater flexibility than ever before. All of this making the OS easier and more similar to what people are accustom to having and doing. And having APP icons permanently available on the task Bar is great since, any that are used consistently to get shut down by the OS on the Switcher Bar after a period of time. Nor does one have to pop out the Switcher Bar to access an APP. Lastly, to carry the familiar Desktop experience across ALL screens, the Task Bar shows on every screen, even if it is a Store APP, Start or ALL Applications.
There are, also, a number of things that are not quite so obvious or superficial, some under-the-covers stuff, plus things relative to business/enterprise issues. One thing having positive impact right across the board is support for low cost hardware. With Windows 8.1 Update there is a continuance to fine-tune Windows performance to deliver a great user experience on the broad range of Windows devices. Specifically, with memory and disk space optimization in Windows 8.1 Update we now enable Windows to run on even lower cost hardware with as low as 1GB of RAM and a 16GB hard drive.
So you ca see it is possible to convey the message that using the OS can, now, thanks to this Update be, even more enjoyable and appealing than it, already, was. Things easier to find or see and done in established, already known ways, methods and comfort zones. End Users will like what Win8.1.1 brings and offers them… so spread the word.
Now, for some important ‘bullets’ provided by the Update that IT Pros should know about and be able to enthusiastically impart, particularly, to thrilled Enterprise Users on top of the aspects, already, mentioned that are for everyone.
>> Improvements to take advantage of new hardware innovation and support the latest devices, such as devices based on 64 bit Baytrail™ processors.
>> Extended Mobile Device Management (MDM)
>> Easier app deployment and management is app side loading
And, also, exciting licensing changes come with Windows 8.1 Update.
The big caveat here, the meaningful take-away for y’all, in my view, is there are many desirable facets contained in the Windows 8.1.1 Update. It is a strength to know this content so it can be transmitted to End Users both, Consumer and Enterprise customers and clients. There are things for which business folks will be grateful. There are things that make the User Experience nicer for anyone and everyone.
KB2919355 may be small but, in my view, it packs a big punch.
Here are the links I promised for your further reading and information.
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Bonuses for Enterprise

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