Access Denied to my documents in xp when dual booting

So I've been dual booting XP and 7 for at least a month now and everything has been smooth sailing until today. I went to listen to some music when using XP and it says that access is denied to my music as well as my pictures etc. I'm pretty sure I must have changed some setting in 7 that caused this because it has been working up until today. But I have no idea what I did or how to change it back. I can access all these files fine in 7 just not in XP. Can someone tell me how to fix this?:confused:

I've never actually had this problem... I had to think about it for a minute but I never have so I unfortunately don't have any advice for you on this one.. but I'm still going to try to help you.. ;) I want to see how to solve this too in case I ever run into it.. I did some diggin and so far all I can find on this specific situation is something about 'taking ownership of the files'.. I found this info:

How to take ownership of a file or a folder in Windows XP

and it does sound like it makes sense.. if that's indeed what is wrong in your case.. ;) If this worked for you I think you might have to do it twice (once in XP and then again in Win 7 according to what alot of people said on other forums regarding this issue) but after you do this on each OS it should be fine after that...

I'll keep digging in case this turns out to not work at all... and report back to you if I find anything else.. Let me know if this fixes it.. :)

I took ownership in XP and that made it so I could now see all the files and I could use the music files but for some reason I could not view any of my pictures even the thumbnails wouldn't come up. So I went in to 7 and it was no longer able to see My Documents from the C drive so I got that to work in the same way I did when I first installed 7. Then I went back into XP and everything seems to be back to normal. Thank you so much, I really appreciate it - I was kinda freaking out there for a minute.

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