''Access Denied'' while trying to install USB drivers.


I've been trying to install a USB LAN Adapter however windows fails to find. I then try searching for them in Device Manager and I am met with this message...


I'm 95% sure this is not to do with the device itself as I am having the exact same problem with my windows phone. I've read a few solutions online and none of them seem to have worked. I do have a feeling that the group policy that is installed on this computer has something to do with it, however I have absolutely no idea how it works, how to disable it, etc. It was the previous owner that had the group policy, whom I have no contact details for.

If anybody has come across this problem before then your advice and suggestions would be deeply appreciated, I'm at a loss here and getting quite frustrated :(


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Have you tried running an install by right clicking on it and running as administrator?

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