Windows 7 Accessing Vista PC on workgroup


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Jan 11, 2009
Hi all.

I'm having problems accessing a shared drive on my Vista machine upstairs.

Win7 laptop sees the PC in the network but when I try to access it, it won't accept the username and password.

Does anyone else have this and/or fixed it?


Worked around it.

Just in case anyone else is having this problem. I just went into network and sharing and changed the shared permissions to not needing a password. The Win7 laptop sees the folders just fine now.
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i got this working by going to
Homegroup>Change Advanced Sharing Settings
i then set the Password protected sharing to off

that got my wifes vista laptop to see my shared files on my win7 pc
hope this helps

this did not work for getting my XP computer to see the files. (still working on that)
Is it just me, or anyone else find this odd?

In mine, I have two sections. Public, and my Homegroup. Now, when I enforce password protection on the Public section, but disable the password protection on my Homegroup, and then save it. It reverts to another configuration. For some reason, they have to be the same.

Am I missing something?
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