Accidental Removal of Sound Device

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Hardware' started by scottallen40, Dec 25, 2013.

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    Dec 13, 2013
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    I purchased a Soundfreaq Sound Platform (SFQ-01) and connected it to my HP Pavilion p7 using Windows 7 via Bluetooth.

    A Sound Platform icon was now in the Hardware & Sound - Devices & Printers window. Because I have multiple devices hooked up via bluetooth to the sound platform I would have to manually connect and disconnect each.

    Now the problem -- I accidentally deleted the Sound Platform icon, and can't for the life of me find any way to connect to it via my pc without it.
    I understand I could use a restore point, but in this scenario it is not an option.

    Also once a device has been connected via bluetooth my pc will not find it again when I try to sync it again.

    Please help!!!
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    Sorry misread you problem and my solution would not help.

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