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Jun 19, 2018
Hey when I was installing windows 8.1 I accidentally deleted windows system partition.Now I am facing problems like when the PC wakes from sleep state it hangs and struck at the login screen and I cannot do anything and should force restart the PC with hard keys.
Before had 360MB was reserved for system partition
Now only 100MB is used

Can any one help me to extend this partition without using any a THIRD PARTY SOFTWARE
I would prefer using CMD
Can you share a tutorial how to fix this

Thanking you in advance :msn:
Hello friends
I was clean installing windows 8.1 and accidentally deleted recovery partition.So now I tried to extended the remaining unallocated partition but their is no option to do it.
Can you guys just help me on how to fix this mess without using any third party software.
I would recommend to fix this using CMD and
If you guys can help me with a tutorial might be really helpful for me

Thank you
You can only extend the partition before the unallocated space. You'll need to use a 3rd party tool to move the partition you want to extend in front of the empty space. Be aware that if your computer loses power or reboots during that operation your system will likely stop working. I generally just use a live Linux usb and use gparted to move partitions
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