Add Printer Wizard Not Showing Add network Printer

I have a client running Windows 7 64-bit Professional workstation. When he attempts to run the add printer wizard, he only receives the option to add a local printer. The second option to add a network printer, bluetooth or wireless printer does not appear. The spooler service is running and I am not aware of ant group policies that would block the option. The user is an administrator of the workstation. If you open up my coomputer and access the server via \\server you can see the printers and shares. I was able to add the printer this way, but have not found a reason why the add network printer would not be showing up. Any ideas would greatly be appreciated.

Thanks Mike....I will check this out and follow up.

Mike, thank you very much for the help. That worked like a charm, I just needed to add the provider order and the option came right back. The link was very much appreciated.


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Glad you got it fixed.


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