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First, English is not my native language...and second I m not sure if this is concerns the operative system, the application or the Brother device

I found out that on a Dell PC in my office we have the Microsoft Office 2007 Enterprise kicking!
(XP Pro )
and it has some quite fancy stuff like

"Microsoft Office Document imaging"
"Microsoft Office Document scanning"

(wich you can read about in the below, this module/function disappeared in the 2010-version.
It scan documents and makes them TIFF,MDI images and after that the application runs a Optical Carachter Recognition and therefore makes it possible to search and use the document digital as a pdf what I understand. Splendid when scan and convert old handbooks & manuals to digital I thought.

great forums...:down:

1. So I try to scan a document from the
start /programs/Office2007/tools/document scanning"

= it tells me there is no scanner installed.

The Brother-multi machine thats is connected by network-wire works fine when scanning manually from it, and also when started from the software suit called ControlCenter.
And scannings ends up in documents/pictures/controlcenter/scan

2. Install then?
So i navigate to Controlpanel/add scanner
and have to choose a source were the driver is.
Good question ! What driver? I mean the printer is installed with the complete package, so I dont want to mess up things.

How in the name of god do I trick the Office program that the scanner is there !?
It seems pretty weird If I have to buy and install a complete stand-alone scanner dedicated for this work.


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I use Paint for scanning.



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Not just have to find it...see here.

Well, I simply put it that way because its more like a general conception
that its not available anymore in Office version 2010-and later

(And as you say = it has to be found first. Most people prob not aware of, and the remaining that googles it also has to take som actions ...)

It was just a tiny side-track /extraneous that I believe most people understands when reading my entire post!
:rolleyes: No one gets creed for that irrelevant point out unless you feel very proud. It dont contribute to my problem:

* How to add my existing Brother DCP9010 as a pure windows scanner
/or somehow get the function I want that (Office2007 document scanning)

But read above posts and tell me, how does it contribute to my request /problem ?

1.Brother DCP9010 multi-machine works fine. Scanner /Printer/Copy...
2.Scanning works fine initiated from both machine manually or by ControlCenter (Brother software)
3.Target folder \documents\pictures\controlcenter\scans creates files and images (.bmp)

4. But the issue here is that Microsoft Office2007 Enterprise dont recognize a scanner at all.
5. Wich means, there is no such device that Windows lists as a resource (raw s c a n n e r )
6. When trying to install such, I cant choose Brother or use the drivers I´ve downloaded at all.

So i am stucked at Install a scanner or a digital camera

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