Windows 8 Adding a service to a Load Order Group


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Dec 20, 2016
I have FireDaemon pro which allows me to add programs as services.

I created a service to do that but it still does not load early enough.

I have the option to add it to Load Order Group in this program. However, I do not know which one would be safe to do so.

Would it create a problem if I added it to the wrong one?

Can someone give me some safety tips.

Windows 8.1.
Probably won't break anything, bu t making it load to early may not allow it work if dependencies are not loaded yet.

Any tip on which service is recommended. The one I created does not have any dependencies.

I want it to load early enough that it around the same time the login screen is on.
Shouldn't even need to put it in one as long as it's automatic start up and it should start before winlogon
It is Automatic, but some services are slow and sometimes it loads on time and sometimes it takes an extra 2 min. So I just want it to load a bit earlier.

Can you suggest something?
No I can't. Most of the groups load drivers and critical system components. You'd need to research them if the load time is that important. There is no guarantee they will load at the right time.
Loading it earlier did not help.

The system is win8.1 on laptop with SSHD drive with 12GB ram and Intel I3 Core 1.7Ghz.

So I booted up WIndows and opened task manager as soon as it with or without modifications the program is already started and it just stays there for 30-90 sec before it initiates. It does not make sense. The CPU is still in a relaxed state but the Disk is at 100% and RAM is plenty empty.

The process works quickly if the PC is already booted so I don't know what is slowing it down or if it is the busy disk. There are 5 startup items including it.

Does anyone know why it is getting delayed?

Can it be loaded directly into RAM for faster launch?
Can the login welcome screen be extended by some type of edit so that it launches at the same time?

I need it to launch quicker for security reasons.
Starting a process is what loads it into memory. It's likely stuck waiting for a dependency or if it comes later alphabetically since SCM loads services alphabetically

I am no longer running it as a service. It is now just running as it is normally run. An exe program.
I found a registry tweak that has been used since Win XP. It seems it is used on Network machines.

I tried it on both my Win 7 and win 8.1 and did not work on either one. I have home edition windows.

The tweak is suppose to increase or decrease the welcome screen duration at login.

The registry String is called "DelayedDesktopSwitchTimeout".

I saw a couple of posts on this forum about it but did not help.

I need to know how to get it to work or something similar to it.
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