Administrator password expired

hello. My admin account expired and now i can't play Sw:Tor or move files around. Help.


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As far as I know, Admin Passwords do not expire. If you are the admin, did you set it up to expire?

Do you have anyone else that is an admin on that system?


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As Saltgrass says, by default they do not expire. But maybe somehow your default has been changed?
Open the Control Panel - Administartive tools - Computer Management.
Click "Local Users and groups", in the left pane.
Double click your username
In the windows which opens, make sure you have ticked "Password never expires"

Some more info. No, i am not the admin. My dad is. No, it was not set to expire.


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Who are you logging in as, your ID or your dads?

Im using my account.

what's problem? That it is not my admin account?

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