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people that like Photoshop, Iclone and Fuse may want to have a look at the new Adobe Felix software... early days yet but I'm having fun

if you have a Adobe sub or stand alone Account then Felix is free to install and use

the down side;
  • you need a payed Adobe account and Mac or WX system
  • Adobe uses their digital CC to load the beta software and they don't put much effort into windows ui design... the install instructions on their site are wrong.
for reference;
My system is a stock Asus tp500ln with Dual boot w8.1 | wx
the image above took just under 5 minutes to rendor on Fast.

p.s, the cpu is what mainly drives rendors... [i7 in my case] the bigger the chip number the faster an image will rendor
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nice induction, uss … particularly the use of translucent parameters. some experts claim 3d technology has just taken it's first baby-step into what may become mind-blowing in the future. with upstarts offering 1gbps download connection speeds … i think we are in for one helluva wild ride, uss.

as you noted … one needs to have paid account. one also needs to have a computer that will flow through the software without hiccups. <grimace>

for high (slow) quality rendor allow an hour so I"d recommend iclone instead but they are at least starting to grow the tools with Felix and the upcoming project nimbus
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