All Program problems

I have Windows 7 , all windows updates done automatically. AV up to date, Malwarebytes run and clean.

This last week when I have loaded programs although they are showing in the All Progrmas list the folders are empty and I cannot therefore open them. When I go to Explorer the folders are there so they seem to have loaded but it is proving difficult if not impossible to open them. All the early program entries are still OK. Any help welcome.

Sounds like you still have a virus or malware/spyware of some kind still lurking about on your machine. Start computer up in safe mode with networking and update malwarebytes, same for spybot S&D. Then run both of them in safe mode and do the same with your AV (btw what AV are you using). Then reboot computer and check issue. If you have to delete the programs that are giving you problem and redownload them. Then check for registry string errors or ones that are missing or corrupt with a good registry cleaner (Ccleaner has a pretty good one built in).

Hi thanks for all that advice. I have run Malwarebytes in Safe Mode with Networking - clean, run Spybot only one tracking cookie which it fixed, ran AVG 2011 and that was clean. Re-booted and problem still there - interestingly when in Safe Mode I could open all the folders in All Programs. I uninstalled program and re-installed with AV and Firewall turned off I have re-booted and the issue remains. I have run Ccleaner and that is now clean but still issue remains. Any other ideas please

I have also discovered that the Accessories folder is missing - not sure when it went AWOL but have done System Restore without success - oh dear. It is not available in Safe Mode either

Oh my I have discovered that half my program folders in All Programs now show empty - the headache continues Help please

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Well in the end the problem got the better of me and I was getting really frustrated so I took the easy way out and re-installed Windows 7. I'd already spent more than the three and a half hours it took me to get the most important things back up and running so it was well worth the effort as it has cleared out all the dross. Many thanks for the help offered :razz:

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