All video sites (except for youtube) freeze within a couple of seconds.

My internet has been being very finicky lately and it all started on the 9th of this month. I don't recall changing anything when this issue started. Sometimes downloads lose connection and I have to click retry. My Avira Pro antivirus updates whenever it wants to and when I try doing a manual update it normally get's near the end and then starts over. Steam (a program used for computer games) downloads everything like normal. I have already ran a virus scan in safe mode with my antivirus and it did not find anything. I also ran malwarebytes and malwarebytes rootkit and those also found nothing so I am fairly certain this is not a virus problem. This problem happens with IE, Firefox and Chrome so it is not a browser issue. The main site that I wanted to used called works on two different computers, the xbox twitch app and the PS4 web browser so it is not a router issue.

The first thing I tried to do was do a simple reset of the modem and router. I tried deleting cookies and cache with ccleaner with no luck. I have also tried using a different internet cable as well as using a different port on my router. I have also tried installing a new PCI NIC card (Rosewill RC-404) and this has also not fixed the problem. I've tried to figure out a way to reset Win7 without reformatting but I cannot find my Win7 CD so I don't believe that I can do that. I am running on Windows 7 64-bit. If there's any other info you need please ask away and thank you.

Edit: It is also worth mentioning that I cannot reinstall or update adobe flash player. It fails every single time with the generic "adobe flash lost connection trying to reconnect". I have even tried doing a clean install as instructed here

The direct downloads to flash also don't work.

Edit #2: My antivirus seems to be updating properly now as I've checked the logs and automatic updates have passed every time. I also found another site that works called
So with that said, why would youtube and hitbox work fine but not twitch and vimeo? This makes no sense.

Edit #3: Nevermind hitbox working. Must have worked because it was an embed from a different page.

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I'm gonna explain my problem again but in the most basic form. Basically what happens is either a video won't even load and I'll have a black screen or a video will play for a few seconds and then freeze and not play again. Again, no problems with youtube. So is there a specific internet option that I should look in to?

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