AMD release Windows 7 preview graphic driver


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As the title suggests AMD have released a Windows 7 driver. I suppose this will be for those doing the testing and it's good that the devs are getting 'on it' early.
The download is available here:
AMD Customer Care

You'll need to follow the links through from 4870 (on the left hand side). Here's a screen shot for ease....

Just wanted to post this in case anyone is wondering if this driver works.
I am using Windows 7 Build 6801 32 bit and I downloaded and installed the above mentioned driver about 6 hours ago. It installed flawlessly and seems to be working exactly as it should. Good to see ATI is on top of this early!

Nvidia also has released a WDDM 1.1 driver for Windows 7. I got it through Windows Update.


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Yes nvidia has released drivers but i know someone inside the nvidia organiztion and he says that most of the vista drivers work on windows 7.

Using the Vista one.

My win7beta CCC drivers kept crashing a lot, so I installed the Vista CCC 8.12 and they seem to work better, although it still crashes sometimes on reboot. But I am impressed with all of the work they put into crash recovery. Usually you can click the close program and then it will start up again and you are good to go.

The current Beta driver package for Windows 7 from ATI works flawlessly.. I have it running on both the 32 bit and 64 bit versions of Win 7 and haven't had any problems at all.. Gaming performance is far better than that of Windows Vista's.. :) I can't wait until Direct X 11 gpu's start being released to the masses! It's gonna be an exciting time for PC gamers once Win 7 is complete and Direct3D 11 video cards are in full swing... ;) Now, bring on the games to take full advantage of Direct3D 11...

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