Windows 10 An app keeps popping up on my taskbar

Hi guys. I'm having a litttle problem. Since last night, an app (which is Google Chrome) keeps popping up on my taskbar and I keep unpinning it but after 5-10 minutes, it pops up again. And I unpin it and 5-10 minutes later, it pops up again. And it happens over and over again. I would like to know what is causing this and what should I do to stop this? Thank you

Are you using Google Chrome for your browser?
If not you could probably uninstall it.

I have Chrome on my taskbar because like a lot of people I use it as my browser instead of Edge.

To uninstall it go to the Settings Page and type Uninstall in the search window.

Then select Apps and Features and find Chrome, click on it and then the Uninstall button.

As to why it keeps putting itself back on the Taskbar I have no idea.
I would expect that even if it's installed that once the link has been removed from that taskbar it would stay that way.