An app unexpectedly quits immediately. Any monitor program?


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I have an app that worked perfectly a month ago, but now it quits almost immediately after launch. I've disabled my anti-virus and my firewall, but it still won't run long enough to show the GUI or produce any error messages. No log files are created as a result of this failure, so I'm utterly stumped on how I can proceed.

The app in question is Badger IT's VOB2MPG Pro, the latest version. It's a 32-bit app. I've checked both the app folder and the APPDATA folder for any new log files, but the most recent is quite old. I know it doesn't quit immediately, because when I have my firewall app enabled, it detects the launch. But no GUI or anything else ever becomes visible before it quits.

I've searched for some kind of application monitoring tool to help determine why this is happening, but I haven't found anything that appears to be appropriate. I found some tools that will kinda-sorta monitor an app, but only insofar as resource utilization or merely informing that an app exited (not why). And most of them require that the app/process be running before they will monitor it, so that's impossible.

What else can I do?


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Thanks, Neemobeer. I solved this a little while ago by forcing a re-registration of my license. But this was highly counterintuitive because I had to first launch not the application itself, but a secondary app named "VOB2MPG_Demo", which seemed obviously not what I wanted. But it worked anyway.

But out of curiosity, do you know for certain that the Windows 10 link you provided definitely also works under Windows 7 Pro?

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