An Interesting Poll Idea

Let’s assume that this was a perfect world, and when you bought a new computer they asked you what version of Windows you wanted on it. (This is a Windows poll, so that’s your choice.) Let’s also assume that all of the software you wanted to use would work and you could get all of your drivers. What version of Windows would you get? It would be interesting to see what people would use on their own computer if they were actually given a choice. Maybe someone smarter than me could come up with some kind of bar graph so we could see how each OS rates. And remember… this is peoples own opinions, so calling someone a Luddite because they put function over form should be avoided.

I’ll start. Absolutely, unquestionably XP.

There is no unbiased poll! If you go to windows 8 forums then all polls show that windows 8 is by far the most popular OS. The same applies with the other OS's. The reason being that the vast majority of people posting in these forums are people who like and use the pertinent OS. My idea of a perfect OS is one that gives you OPTIONS. Option to keep CLASSIC MENUS. Option to keep start button. Option to remove METRO! etc. etc.

By your logic, everyone here would vote for Win7. Sirloyne has already picked XP and I second his choice. The point is that I'm not here because I love Win7. I'm here because I'm trying desperately to make it work now that I've seen Win8


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The choice of most people is the popular choice. Dissidents always have gone their own way. I do agree this is an interesting poll idea, but I dispute it can be provided as a Windows poll. Freedom has always been freedom as freedom - it simply needs space. Not Windows, or Backdoors, or Slipping Soundaries - my favorite on the human ideological side is Proudhon's "Property is Theft".

Go figure. :cool:

Quoting Proudhon: Priceless!
Hopefully, you're still following your motto and "trying to learn from wiser ones"

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