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    W/ Vista & Windows 7 it was not recommend & not supported to go from the RC (a beta) to Final (RTM or GA) via Upgrade. However, for quite a while now there has been discussion, curiosity, some saying yes & some no & some general uncertainty regarding Windows 8 RP (beta) to Final via Upgrade.

    Many people, of course, would like to be able to do this (or, indeed, need to). Well, I, too, have been asking Microsoft about this for a while, seeking a definitive answer. I put the query to my cousin who works for MS @ the Redmond Campus. WE both thought it would be doable & OK. Today he has sent me this which, you will appreciate reading.

    Bear in mind, of course, one had/has an underlying non-beta Windows OS before & to get or have the RP.

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    It's interesting because the method of "upgrade" which is used when going from RP to RTM is basically a clean install which still migrated all your personal files. I kind of like that idea and think it would be ideal of Microsoft to use a similar method for upgrades from other operating systems, and then devise some sort of solution to get apps reinstalled.

    It would sure help avoid a lot of the frustration usually associated with upgrades, such as incompatible apps and driver issues.

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