And then there was ... silence!


1) The problem:

Until recenty, I had sound. One day, I put my computer into sleep mode overnight (as I've always done). The next day, I brought it out of sleep mode and... silence. I'd made no changes to my settings and hadn't installed anything on my computer between the two sessions (unless I was sleep-walking when I did it).

2) Here's what I've done:

Checked all connections. Solid. (I live alone and have no pets.)

Checked output with headphones - silence.

Rebooted many times.

In Sound > Playback, the green VU meter show that there's sound - but there's nothing at the speakers.

<Speakers> is checked as default device.

Checked services.msc. (Shows Windows Audio as "Started").

Downloaded and re-installed the last Asus audio drivers.

Deleted my sound controllers from my Device Manager and rebooted.

No luck so far.

3) My specs:
Windows 7 64-bit (Home Edition)
Intel i5-2400 processor
Asus P8 H67-M Pro motherboard
Realtek onboard High Definition Sound

4) Observation:
Through reading online about this, I've noticed a common link. A lot of people lose their sound after reactivating their computer from “Sleep Mode”. It's as if the whole computer wakes up, but the sound doesn't. It's still in Sleep Mode.

Any ideas would be much appreciated.

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Two simple things you could try:
1. Play with volume control, that is, go max to min, min to max a few times. If it doesn't help instantly, reboot, and check.
2. Play with mute, on / off. Some ideas may be found at
but I would actually recommend to use a software mute, a player /TV program you have, or the mute button you may have on your keyboard.

As I see it, the bear is in hibernation, you need to awaken it. Once it comes, it will come!

All sorts of power saving are problematic. I suggest not to use Sleep - better to turn the computer off. And talking about power saving, that would be the ultimate one.

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Hi Pauli.

I've tried your suggestions.

No luck so far, but thanks a lot anyway.


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This is more or less a guesswork, but did you install anything the day before? New software, updates / upgrades, even Windows updates?

If your system has worked well, you could try
1. A virus scan, although I don't think this is the problem, but a scan is never harmful
2. A malware scan with, say, Malwarebytes, not sure this is the case
3. A System recovery, Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Recovery. When you click Open System Recovery, and go Next, you'll see a few options - you'll also see "Show more restore points" down left. There you can pick a point you want - it's not unknown that sometimes Windows Updates bring more problems than they solve, unfortunately.
4. Check what you have installed, via Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Programs and Features or say, Revo Uninstaller, and uninstall latest programs?

I would recommend #3 and #4. Anyway, if you have sudden digestion problems, the question is, what did you eat? No offense here.

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Hi Pauli.

Thanks for your continuing advice.

I tried #3 first, going back through several restore points (well before the date of the emergence of the problem). No luck.

I then downloaded and scanned my system with Malwarebytes. One minor problem was detected, but quarantining it didn't help.

I also did a complete anti-virus scan of my system. One minor potential problem was found, but that didn't seem to be related either.

I also uninstalled a couple of recently installed programs. No effect! Nothing had been installed just prior to this problem developing.

One new thing I noticed was that, when I boot up, I sometimes (but not consistently) find that the speaker icon at the right end of the task bar has a red circle with white cross against it and hovering the cursor over it gives the message "The audio service is not running."

When this has happened, I've checked services.msc and it always says that Windows Audio has in fact started.

Muting the speakers and unmuting them then gets rid of the cross - but not the problem!

Thanks again!


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It's possible the audio section of the motherboard went bad. Borrow or buy a sound card and see if the sound returns. If you buy a card get it from a reputable dealer so it can be returned without a hassle if this does not work.

Thanks, helpifIcan.

I was waiting for someone (who said they might have one lying around) to lend me a sound card.

In the meantime, I wasn't even bothering to switch my speakers on anymore. I'd virtually given up hope and assumed it was a motherboard problem, as you suggested.

Then, today, I decided to pull one final desperate trick. I pulled out the cable from my USB hub (to which the usual 2 or 3 USB devices on my desk are usually attached) from the back of my computer and plugged it into a different USB port. Windows showed it was installing the device driver. I then turned on the sound, and .... it was back!

Unfortunately, because I've had the speakers switched off for the last couple of days, I really don't know if what I did had any relationship to the return of my sound. (Yes, very poor procedure!) Later, I plugged the USB hub back into its original port and the sound still worked.

I guess we'll never know! But I'm happy anyway.

Thanks to both of you for your help.


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End is well, all is well. Glad you got it running.


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Funny, this sounds like a problem I had with a friend's computer.
His sound just stopped, he hadn't move or changed anything, had no new software, he just booted up one day and there was no sound.

We checked all the connections we did all the reinstalling the sound card and new drivers the works no sound.
Finally we unplugged everything, then plugged everything back in, still no sound.

We gave up, but when we rebooted one last time, when Windows loaded we heard the chime.
I still have no idea what made it start working again, but it has worked every since.



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Sometimes computers act with the principle Works in mysterious ways. I know people who got their computer to work by unplugging it from main power and waiting 24 hours - suddenly it worked. If it's the sweet or sour of human life, I guess one has to determine personally. Going too far with too many words once again, Luther made the question, What shall we do in Heaven? No toil, no diseases... isn't that going to be boring?

In fact, to help others, and to solve problems is a true fruit. Among all pleasures, this one might just be the great one?

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