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May 19, 2012
I see "points" and "trophy". What are they ?
I also see some members are listed as "senior member", some are "active member", and some are "new" etc etc.
Other than the "new member" category, what is the measuring tape for the rest ?

I cannot find anywhere that explains those.

Thank you.
As it was explained to me...these are the awards you receive for service and likes granted and received. The member, senior and so forth has to do with the amount of posts one has.
I'm not sure what the exact criteria is for it, but I'll see if I can find it and link it.
I'm not sure if these have been customized yet, they may be the defaults.

That's fine. I was just curious, that's all.

I love the way that there is no "rep" points to give, like in one forum whose name need not to be disclosed. It caused manipulation and downright cheatings.
I also like the fact that there is no such b.s. as "most answers of the week" award, like in another forum where cheaters are marking each other's replies as answers. No "helpful votes" which has become a tool to antagonize people they don't like.

Keep it simple and clean. I like it.
Glad that I had kept my membership here although I have not participated here much in the past.
It will change now. I'll be a permanent fixture here although my computer knowledge sucks. LOL !
We're happy to have you aboard... stay as long as you like.
On W7F we used to have a reputation system but found the exact same issue. I don't think XenForo (our new forum software) has such an add on.
If you look here, David, you will see the rules and an explanation of the various award functions.:

Terms and rules

But there is still work in progress, so I think it is possible some item definitions might change.
If you look under "members" for example, in the top bar, this has changed quite dramatically from the old format. It only shows something called "notable" members. This will undoubtedly change. At least three of the members shown there have not posted for about three years, and one other for two years, so I guess, for the moment, the Dbase has been carried over from something in the very original template.
I only noticed this as, under "Most likes", there is an old username which I used, and abandoned due to spamming from a couple of forums where I used the same name. ( "RAK"). I haven't actually used this for three years, on any forums.

As I said, it is still wip. For example, a point system is indeed shown.
I am not at all clear as to how points are awarded, or if it is even still operational.

P.S. I have to agree with your remark in #4. The trophy names are pretty silly - almost embarrassing! lol.
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