anyone able to reply?


Your Creative device drivers are very old and need to be updated.

CTEXFIFX CTEXFIFX.DLL Thu Oct 25 10:40:36 2007
ctsfm2k  ctsfm2k.sys  Thu Oct 25 10:40:01 2007 
CT20XUT  CT20XUT.DLL  Thu Oct 25 10:40:38 2007
ctaud2k  ctaud2k.sys  Thu Oct 25 10:40:19 2007
ctprxy2k ctprxy2k.sys Thu Oct 25 10:40:21 2007
ctoss2k  ctoss2k.sys  Thu Oct 25 10:40:05 2007
ha20x2k  ha20x2k.sys  Thu Oct 25 10:40:10 2007
emupia2k emupia2k.sys Thu Oct 25 10:40:00 2007
Install the latest driver package for your hardware from here:

Creative Worldwide Support


This driver is definitely an issue and must be updated:

AF15BDA  AF15BDA.sys  Tue Apr 29 04:34:37 2008
It is for your DVB-T stick. Please visit the manufacturer's website to download and install the latest driver for it.

Reference (from crash dump):

Use !analyze -v to get detailed debugging information.

BugCheck A, {fffff88009932ff8, 2, 1, fffff8000323702e}

Probably caused by : USBPORT.SYS ( USBPORT!USBPORT_Core_iCompleteDoneTransfer+45f )

Followup: MachineOwner


Fixing those two issues will probably do the trick. Let us know how it goes please.

If i update my creative drivers my sound stops working. Its a problem i had with windows 7 x64.

Yep, I hear that. Creative is notorious for drivers. If you still have the issue after updating the DVB-T driver, replace the Creative card with something that works.

just updated creative driver and sound works, only thing is console doesnt work says no supported device installed.

Going to try the beta version of creative console.

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Just installed the Creative Console Beta for Soundblaster X-Fi Extreme Gamer and all is working. Also updated sound card drivers aswell so no probs with sound now. The DVB-T Tuner i have uninstalled as it wouldnt let me update driver. Will post another minidump if i get another BSOD. Thanks again.

You're welcome.

With updated Creative drivers and the tuner removed, you should be alright now. if it becomes necessary, for sure.

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