Windows 10 Another Scam, watch out for this one!


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May 25, 2009
Ada Michigan
Got this one today, needless to say, I don't even use Norton!
Nowhere does it even say who the charge is too...

Thank you for your Auto-Renewal Order.
Your Account/Card has been Debited for $299.00 (charges may appear later)

Order Details
To find more information on your order and to manage your subscription please call us.
Order Number - NA951357
Customer Id Number - 327612
3 years protection Supports - Microsoft® Windows®, Mac OS®
Payment Mode: Direct Auto-Debit
Amount Debit: $299.00 - Norton™ LifeLock360
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- Webroot®

Your Basic Security
was included with your Internet Service has Expired.
Subscription may have been purchased through third party offering.
if you have multiple subscriptions you can manage it by calling us.

You are eligible to cancel your subscription for a Refund
Calling our Billing Support at +1(817) 440-4487
If we Missed your call please leave a message with your name or your order number.
Our Support team will call you back with instructions to cancel your service.

Note: This is a system-generated email so replying to this email will not cancel your subscription.
For Cancellation or Refund Please call us at +1(817) 440-4487

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After canceling auto-renewal due to a 2.6 times increase in subscription rate I am considering dropping Norton after using it for decades. Their marketing tactics stink. They also stopped my Norton Utilities Premium as well, but it in nice to have. With the 2.6 times increase in renewal cost for 360+LifeLock I think I'll wait until a few days before my subscription runs out then install a new subscription from Amazon or other source at a lower cost. It seems to me the wrong tactic for Norton to charge long time users 2 to 3 times the rate that a new subscriber is charged. Something not right about such distorted marketing. Maybe Norton went "woke"? Are others thinking along the same lines?
I never use any of those big-name massive anti-malware programs anymore. I've used Malwarebytes for decades and never had a problem. In fact, it blocked me from opening two websites just today when I was trying to find a place to download Defraggler. I finally upgraded to the Pro edition after years of using the free one. It seems to be all the Malware protection I need along with Windows built-in application.

I finally found the manufacturer's site. But it's not like it used to be, the bogus sites were at the top of the list when I searched for them.
I'm starting to get fed up with CCleaner now that they keep pushing me to sign up for the one that they are pushing.

I wasn't looking for it for me, my computer is all solid state now.
Scammers will use just about anything to get your money such as fear, charity, sense of belonging, psychology of winning, love, and so on.

Fear is a very common and effective tactic since the human brain tends to produce a primitive (non logical) response to fear.

Common signs of phishing/scams.

Generic salutations (no name) "Dear Sir/Madam" "Hello customer"
Poor spelling or grammar
Unexpected content/topic
Products and services you have never used
Typo squatting on email addresses and web addresses
Attachments (any kind) PDFs, JS, EXE, Doc(x/m) and XLS(x/m), ISO - these and more can all auto trigger additional downloads/malware

Phishing and scams can come in ANY form. (Phone, text, email, fax, in-person, web pop-up, compromised application)

When in doubt go manually navigate to the purporting site and contact them.
NEVER EVER click links or call phone numbers or reply to these emails (or other communication channel).
Even saw an attack on a Mac that causes the key ring to be dumped to an attacker just by opening a ICS (calendar invite file)
Thanks Mike. The first time i used anything "Norton" was back in the 1970's when using an Osborne-I on just a phone connection to a number that featured some small utility routines by a guy named Norton. 300-baud stuff. Not sure when I got into more "advanced" PC stuff, but I found Norton Utilities was useful to clean out my PC and do simple scans to detect worms called "Creeper", Trojan horse programs and one that seemed to float everywhere that I cannot remember the name. It was everywhere. Then sometime in the 1980's Norton got into the anti-virus software and I have used his stuff sense then. He sold it to Symantec and so on. The last bunch came in with hard nose marketing. I will stick with it maybe. Someone suggested using "Sophos," but I'm busy and no time looking into it. Hurricane IAN aftermath has me busy.
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