Another upgrade question.

I am starting to get really confused. I have two systems one running Vista ultimate x 64 and one running vista home premium x64.
I took advantage of the pre-release offer and ordered two copies of win 7 professional upgrade.
I just ran the MS win 7 upgrade adviser on both systems and the results came back that neither system can be upgraded using the win 7 professional upgrade. The home premium came back that i could upgrade to either win 7 home premium or Ultimate(both x64 and the Ulitimate version said I can only upgrade to win 7 ultimate and If i want to use any other version I Would need to do a clean instal(on both systems) Is this correct? And will I be able to clean install with the win 7pro upgrade disks?
I really want to find out before I get charged for the two copies I pre-orderd.


no responders??

Hello there,

Yes, you can perform a clean install using the Windows 7 Pro Upgrade Media.. You just use the "Clean install with Upgrade Media Trick".. Posted here:

In short, you have to install twice for it to work but it's worth it in my opinion because you only have to pay for the Upgrade Media and still reep the benefits of the Full Version Media.. ;)

And don't worry, you certainly can boot up from the Upgrade Media just the same as you do with the Full Version Media.. ;)

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Thanks I was really starting to get worried I threw 200 down the drain...
Oh and by the way Pink Floyd Rules!!!!!!

No prob my friend.. :)

I think you spent that $200 VERY wisely.. ;) And yes, I agree Pink Floyd definitely rules!! :)

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