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Discussion in 'Windows 7 Help and Support' started by sasalj, Feb 19, 2011.

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    I have Windows 7 installed on my laptop.I want to use some games for Windows xp.But i tried windows xp mode and it want work becouse i have low memory just 1gb in my windows 7 then in windows xp mode i have just 256 mb.
    And i want to install windows xp in dual boot with windows 7 but when i start windows xp it says program is blocked due compatibility issues?While i dont have cd drive on my Viewsonic laptop i use usb flash drive.When i try to boot windows xp or other software from my usb flash drive it says
    bootmgr is missing and it cant boot.Please help with that issue also i tried to use startup reapir and recovery disk from my usb flash drive but it want boot recovery disk also?Please answer me my name is Sasa and i live in Serbia.I tried to change compatibility in properties on windows xp setup exe and it also it want work.

    Second question?When i try to change in my bios sata controler mode to compatible i get blue screen error and it want start my Windows 7.
    Plese answer to me.
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    You really need an external optical drive to plug into a usb port which you can then boot your xp install disk from. You will also most certainly find that your xp install disk does not support SATA and you will need to provide SATA drivers, probably the having to slipstream them into your XP install. You will find many guides for doing this if you google something like xp slipstream sata drivers.

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