Windows 7 Anti-Virus Programs in Win 7


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Jun 7, 2009
Anyone have trouble with AV programs in Win7? I have Trend Micro 64bit version, and it works fine, but Windows keeps reporting that its turned off. When it is not.

I had an issue with the kaspersky for win 7, I had to run scan in safe mode. But that was a one time fluke. Norton was ok, but the beta was only good for like 2 weeks.
Windows 7 (64 bit) Antivirus programs

Had very good success with AVG 8.5 free (both 32 and 64 bit).
Avast home edition has yet to let me down despite stating it's not been tweaked for windows 7 yet, it runs without issue on mine since day one.
I'm doing a beta test for Trendmicro IS 2010 which will formally be compatible with W-7. It too is flagged by W-7 as being off. Hopefully this will be worked out in the final editions. I deal with this by turning off the warning for this flag. As you say, TIS works fine with my 64 bit W-7.

I lost my copy of the beta by Kaspersky, cannot find another. I am now using Panda Beta it is good for 3 months, no problems so far. I most likely will purchase Kaspersky for W-7 as that is what I run on Visa and my laptops
AVG windows 7 x64bit

Had very good success with AVG 8.5 free (both 32 and 64 bit).

My AVG 3.5.364 worked well with windows 7 until I upgraded to build 7201 then the Firewall would not start and I am having to use the windows firewall. Hope all is sorted by RTM
I get that on my 32 bit version also (with trend micro). I just unclicked the message as obviously to me trend micro is turned on. I've been flagged by trend ect ect. Also trend is pretty fast at letting you know when it is turned off.

Kind of annoying though.
Tried NIS 2009, but got a info from Win 7 tht Symantec heuristics driver is not comppatible with the version of Win. So using NIS beta for Win 7. Wil switch over to a gud one soon.
I am running Avast in conjunction with Windows Security Essentials with no conflict I also like yahoo tool bar with Anti-Spy but it wants admin rights with now way to set AM Rights its still working on other installs of W7 something I did :confused:
I was running AVG 8.5 but I had a couple of problems:
1. It was flagged by the Action Centre as having a problem (although it was working fine)
2. I run a program called Pictures to Exe which is a slideshow generator - these took absolutely ages to open (but the same file opened virtually instantaneously in Vista x32 and Vista x64.

I am now testing Avira and this seems to be working well.
I am using Kaspersky 2010 30 day trial on W7 64 bit only problem is the damn nags about how many days are left on the trial version. It is working fine. When that runs out I will try the new Windows Morro Beta
Windows Security Essentials still needs a little work.

In an Internet open group, we ran some known malware through it. We found that about 50% slipped through the net. Particularly those keymakers. Avast, running as a second alternative, stopped them all.
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