Windows 8 Any chance that Release Candidate can be installed as an upgrade?

Well they are all installed in Windows 7 so I can always log into 7 and use them, Adobe will allow 2 installations on most of their software by the same user, I just haven't use 7 in months. But I can unregister them in Widows 8, I'd just like to not have to go through all of that. And I'll have to do it before I remove Windows 8. I'll check with them first and see what I have to do.

I only log into Windows 7 once in a while to let it update, run it's security stuff and make sure it's still working.

But at this time I don't really plan on upgrading to Windows 8 as soon as it goes live, I may wait until I buy a new computer at the end of 1013, my next scheduled up grade.

On the other had if they offered me a deal as then did at the end of the Windows 7 beta then I would probably do it.

Then they offered Windows 7 for 39.95 and I bought a copy and permanently upgraded my computer.


You're treating 7 same as me, lol. Just go tend to it, periodically, teehee.

I'll suggest you can anticipate such deals & offers will avail themselves, again.