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Windows 7 Any Successful HP Photo Suite download


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Jan 15, 2009
Just wondering if anybody successfully downloaded HP's photosmart suite to connect to wireless printer and IE8.
I have it all working...solution center,the shop for supplies and photosmart 3.5 ....oh and the print gadget works aswell,the one you put in the vista sidebar,just run it in vista compatibility.
Have you downloaded the software for your printer yet?
Download it saving it to your desktop.
Then right click the icon...properties...compatibility,you can then choose which os to run it in compatibility.
I went with the cd that came with it? Maybe I clicked the wrong exe file instead of the cd file. It knocked out my desktop printer connection which has the same suite in xp. the xp desktop says no printer around. Will try to remove and add on both machines again.

Anything I need to do on the xp desktop? Using the laptop for the compatibility issues saying vista started installing ok and got to find printer and became confused. My guess is I clicked the .exe file instead of the dvd rom file for installation. (Makes no sense I know)
I'm trying to get the hp 4580 (wireless) printer connected to two machines. I had it installed to a desktop (xp). I then tried to install to windows 7 (wouldn't install except on xp or vista via cd). I then went by your comment which is mentioned around the web and put in cd and used compatibility to vista.

It then started to install (which it never did before) got to find printer via network and found the printer but could not connect. I checked desktop and it didn't even know I had a printer.

I'll uninstall both and reninstall -I know it'll work on xp but still trying on windows 7.

xp uninstalled windows 7 I get a message verify port 9100 is unblocked cannot connect to printer. Dunno
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Forget the cd ...chuck it out the window.
Go here:-http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/softwareCategory?product=3418707&lc=en&cc=us&dlc=en&submit.y=5&submit.x=3&lang=en&cc=us
Click on your operating system and get the newest suite hp have.
If you want the suite for vista then download it saving it to your desktop.
Then if installing it on windows 7 do as i said ...right click the icon and select properties ...compatibility mode....tick the box and choose vista.
When youv`e installed it go here and download the latest photosmart software which is 3.5,save it to your desktop and as before run in compatibility mode...it automatically edits 2.5 and installs 3.5 in the solution center.Here:-http://www.hp.com/united-states/consumer/digital_photography/free/software/index.html
Thanks for the help Pcah9. It was definitely a compatibility problem. Got HP software suite running perfectly on Windows 7.