Any way to create more toolbars or use folder toolbars in the side of the screen ?

So the topic title is pretty self-explanatory what I want to do is drag a folder to the side of the screen and make a folder out of it. This was possible in XP and in Vista I think but I can't do it in 7. Any way to do it,native or via program ?


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Should be pretty straight forward and very similar to the way you've done it before.
Create the folder on you desktop, then right click on an empty spot on the taskbar, choose toolbars, then new tool bar, then browse to the folder on your desktop.

yes but I want to put the folder not on the bottom, where the windows taskbar is, but on the SIDE of the screen. Any way to do that ?


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OK, now I understand, and apparently this feature was not included in Windows 7. The topic was discussed on this forum back during the RCs days here and also in the Microsoft TechNet forums here How do you dock folders to the side of the desktop like in Windows 2k, XP and Vista?
both mention some alternative solutions using third party software products if you're interested.

Thank you that was what I was looking for !

I have a better suggestion for you, download and setup objectdock, by stardock. This is the best program i have found to work with windows. Give it a try, and let us know what you think.

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