Insider Preview Anyone know anything about how to set up Cortana?


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I'm finding it very hard to find any information about how to actually use Cortana or what she is supposed to do in her current state.

In the video the speaker "Joe" says, "Hey Cortana, I'd like to send an email to (gives a name I've forgotten) and she opens an interface and asks what the subject is, then takes the message, reviews it, and asks if you want to send, ad to or revise it.

If I try it she says, "Sorry I can't do that right now, check back after later updates".
So I'm guessing that, that is something that is coming but it would be nice if there was some information someplace on how all this is going to work.

For example, what mail client do I need to use, how would I set it up and things like that.
I get the same thing if I ask her to "Take a note." etc.

I'd like to see a list that really says what she is supposed to be able to do and how to set it up?

I know that we are still early but she's there and I'd like to know more about how it works.

Apparently there is some connection between Cortana and Halo 3 as well which doesn't help when searching for her.

I did find a list of things she can do on a phone but she doesn't respond to those on the PC at this point.
For example she will play my music when I ask but if I say "Change Track" nothing happens.

If I say take me to Windows 7 Forums, she takes me to a search page showing a lot of Forums but not something from my favorites list, which would seem to be the correct way to handle this.

I hope all this is coming and she is very good at understanding what I'm saying, I'd like her to be able to type it into a document as well.

I did use the speech to text function in Windows 8 to navigate to my email, select and address, type a message and send it once, I even posted on this forum once without using my keyboard, I'm hoping all this will get rolled into Cortana and be easy to access.


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I'm not an expert in Windows 10 by any stretch (ok, that's an understatement...) but check this link as it seems to be what you're asking about as far as activating the cortana feature;

It would seem to me, if the cortana launch in 10 is rolled out like it was on Windows Phone, the features of cortana will be severely limited until final launch, Windows Phone still (to my knowledge) has yet to see final retail launch for most of the planet outside of North America. You may have to wait for the power of Cortana yet...

I hope this helps


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Thanks for the response.
I've gotten as far as this tutorial goes, since I can't find anything I'm guessing the applications like send an email, aren't active yet.

When they do become available I'll use some of them.


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