Anyone still using XP? And why

I use it every godforsaken day at work! No i actually really like XP (fast and stable). But it has just gotten to outdated. I find myself trying use Windows 7 features at work( all I use at home is Windows 7 7100 x64) all the time. I actually asked one of my IT friends about upgradeing all the computers here to 7 when it comes out. He started laughing..."in this economy, fat chance". He went on to say that most companies will not switch from XP until they are forced to. Maybe because Microsoft will stop supporting it finally. But in Windows 7 it will live on virtually "XPMODE". Oh well.....

I'm still using XP and if Windows 7 does not bring back my Toolbars I see no reason to upgrade. That single change will be all it takes to keep me out of the market. After playing around with Windows 7 for over a week I see a lot that I like. Unfortunately, I also see a lot that I don't.
what might i ask do you not like about 7? I am just wondering??

what might i ask do you not like about 7? I am just wondering??
Besides the lack of toolbars, I don't like the new Taskbar or Search options. I'm also still struggling to get my TV board to work. I've already spent at least 3-4 hours on it and, I’m looking at least at another hour downloading and installing codecs to get it running satisfactorily, if I'm lucky.

Unfortunately for me anyway, I sort of committed myself to Windows 7 before trying it. The reason is that I just finished building my newest computer, using all the latest hardware. I was so sure that I was going to love Windows 7. Microsoft couldn't screw up twice, could they?

My previous machine was pretty fast, but it was also pretty noisy. I wanted a quieter machine so I built my new system with the understanding that I would be running under Window 7 64 bit. I am pleased to at least report that my new machine is extremely quiet.

I realize that this next statement is going to upset many in this group, but here goes... I do not find Windows 7 to be the “Real Deal"￾, nor will I be the first one in line to buy it. I have not found Windows 7 to be anywhere near as stable as XP. I have come across many areas within the Windows platform itself that have crashed my machine. I know, I know, this is a beta. My major disappointment is that many items that have become invaluable to me in XP are now gone, POOF! There was no thought from Microsoft to give us a choice here. NO! They will ram it down my throat whether I want it or not.

I did not succumb to Windows Vista after all these years. Windows XP has served me faithfully and could continue to do so for many years to come. Unfortunately my new computer doesn't want me to continue to use it:( For those people who feel inclined to mention that there are 3rd party vendors who bring back XP features let me remind you. There are also 3rd party venders who are coming out with Window 7 features as well. Obviously not everything can be matched, but my point is that some of us will be used to certain tools. If these tools have become invaluable and are not available to us, we are going to be forced to hunt them down from a 3rd party regardless of the Operating system. I shouldn't be forced to do this, for tools that have been a staple in Windows forever.

[FONT=&quot]Like I said, I've already committed myself to Windows 7 so you can flame me in a lot of ways, but don' flame me by yelling, Go back to XP, or Apple, or Linux, or whatever rock your crawled out from.[/FONT]

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My East West Quantum Leap Gold Complete Symphonic Ochestra sound sample programs doesn't work 100% with Windows 7. It'll play samples but it has a "direct from disk" option that doesn't load up properly with Windows 7. This allows me to play many samples at once without the computer having to buffer and causing stuttering. It works perfectly with XP. So it looks like I'll have to keep XP on a seperate hard drive for this one program, until this issue gets resolved.

Also a lot is going to be determined when Microsoft announces the pricing for Windows 7. If It's too high I'll stick with XP or Vista.


I'm using Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 (and Win 7 in an another partition).I like very much the Media Center UI and i love the blue Media Center theme.;) Windows XP is the best OS.:D

My laptop has 512 RAM.
The laptop is not worth spending money on it to increase the memory to a gig or two.
Therefore, on my laptop, I still have to use XP Pro :(
My reply:I do not plan to install Windows 7 place of my XP Home ver.
I do not plan to spend #199 to upgrade.I think this is too much money. wih
I have installed ,(dual boot) Linux Mint.Ierged do not have the knowledge to write
code,but i find the Linux Gui easy.I just wish both XP and Linux were merged.

Please excuse spelling errors in last post

I love Windows 7! However, When I was telling my Wife That I wanted to get it and how much it costs.(I'm retired and unfortunately we have to watch every penny!) Her first question was whats wrong with the old OS (XP). I couldn't think of a really pressing reason for me to switch.(other than I really liked Win7!) So I guess I will stick with XP awhile longer.:frown:


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Four machines, still running XP on three of them. Why?

One isn't mine :)

One is a HTPC and there's no Win7 or Vista X64 drivers for the Nebula TV cards, so I'm keeping that machine on XP until I decide what new TV cards to buy.

The third is a HTPC client machine in another room. I'll upgrade that (as well all the others) when 7 finally ships.

I still use XP on my desktop computer, and my laptop runs Windows 7 7100. I plan on changing my laptop to XP soon!

Windows 7 makes a horrible job of the classic theme, and the other themes use up too much desktop space! It's also slower than XP, uses more memory than XP, doesn't have the classic start menu option and doesn't offer any significant advantages making it worth the upgrade!

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There are actually several, many extremely good, strong, valuable reasons for migrating to Windows 7 (from XP) & why it is a better OS than XP. Moving to it would be wise & money well spent.

That's more or less what I tried to say. But the check wasn't forthcoming!:rolleyes:

Maybe if you promise to let her actually use the computer this time ;)

Anyway, tough break

Thats one of the problems, She won't touch the computer!
But Yeah, Tough break!


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Thats one of the problems, She won't touch the computer!
But Yeah, Tough break!
Maybe if you showed her how she could keep up with all her friends and find new friends with the same interests as hers through the many virus networking sites (I mean social networking sites), she would warm up to the computer some and warm up to the idea of some upgrading.

Maybe if you showed her how she could keep up with all her friends and find new friends with the same interests as hers through the many virus networking sites (I mean social networking sites), she would warm up to the computer some and warm up to the idea of some upgrading.
Thanks! But she's a lost cause. :(
I guess I'll be using XP as long as they support it with security updates. Don't get me wrong I actually love XP. I have been using it a very long time and know my way around it fairly well now. I just was impressed with 7 and wanted something new.

I still use XP because I hate explorer in Vista/Win 7 and the basic feel. I have several skins I use to skin my computer, ranging from Vista to colorful. I also and unable to use the classic start menu in Win 7 is a turn off. I have XP modded up the ass with things that I can't get in Win 7. The over all feel of Vista/Win 7 is what really turns me off of it. I also can't stand not having Desktop/rightclick/properties menu the way it is XP. The Vista/Win7 menus are clogged/confusing/loopy.



Some people still like XP because easy to use for them

I'm still using XP on one of my two computers because I have two license upgrades for Windows products. One for '98>XP and one for Vista>Windows 7. This lets me use both computers legally. Otherwise I'd have to buy a second Windows 7 license.

My second computer is for backup only and is used very rarily. After going back and using XP after I was used to W7, I couldn't wait to get back with W7.

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I think there is absolutely nothing wrong with using XP as a second or even primary os:

1. It is one of the most successful systems and is still powerful enough for almost all modern day challenges. DirectX 9 based multimedia performs faster in XP than in Vista or 7, you can get some extra FPS and this is good. :)

2. You can still get the updates for it, and when XP is discontinued you can survive without the updates for some time.

3. You can install extra utilities to add some looks and functions to make your XP even better than the standard Vista or 7.

4. XP has been better optimized for hardware, so using XP for some time until 7 gets ironed out is definitely an option.

I am using 7 but I'm also thinking of making another partition to install my XP. :)

Though I'm looking at Win7 ( which is why I'm poking around here) XP is still on my machine. The best operating system for me is one I can forget, and where all my applications will run flawlessly.


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using Win 7 and XP on Dual boot,kept XP because some apps still wont run on windows 7,plus it still works great anyway

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