Apparently I cannot use the Force,

A Jedi I am not, The force I am referring to is a GeForce4 420mx PCI
I have a three monitor setup, and it was working beautifully under win XP.
However after install of 7, It disappeared, And when I looked in Device manager, I got a Code 10, and it is using default VGA card drivers from windows, I tried to find any and all drivers, I managed to find Nvidia's XP drivers for it but it still wouldn't work again, I got a code 10,
Then, I managed to find some non-Nvidia drivers, And it installed, but again no dice, still a code 10,

Oh, at some point, I got a error 34, But then it quickly went back to a 10,

Any Advice, I mean, I'm not a genius, But I would have thought if There were drivers available, I could have found them, or Could it be something else? Please Advise?

As far as I know, that video card isn't supported by Windows 7

The GeForce4 420mx is only DX7 compatible, and W7 requires DX9 or above.

You simply do not have the hardware to run W7.

the FX5200 is a DX9 card, so it meets the minimum specs

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