Windows 7 Apparently I cannot use the Force,


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Jun 8, 2009
A Jedi I am not, The force I am referring to is a GeForce4 420mx PCI
I have a three monitor setup, and it was working beautifully under win XP.
However after install of 7, It disappeared, And when I looked in Device manager, I got a Code 10, and it is using default VGA card drivers from windows, I tried to find any and all drivers, I managed to find Nvidia's XP drivers for it but it still wouldn't work again, I got a code 10,
Then, I managed to find some non-Nvidia drivers, And it installed, but again no dice, still a code 10,

Oh, at some point, I got a error 34, But then it quickly went back to a 10,

Any Advice, I mean, I'm not a genius, But I would have thought if There were drivers available, I could have found them, or Could it be something else? Please Advise?
The GeForce4 420mx is only DX7 compatible, and W7 requires DX9 or above.

You simply do not have the hardware to run W7.
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