Are Windows 8 drivers compatible with the ones from Windows 7 ?


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Assume I have drivers for a certain device/motherboard for only Window7.
Can I use them in Windows 8?

And conversly: Can I use Windows 8 drivers in an Windows 7 installation as well?

Are both driver models compatible?



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I always strongly recommend going to the manufacturer's website and searching for the device and op sys to get the correct drivers for any device.

Most likely you'll be fine, Windows 8's architecture is not much different from Windows 7. However as patcooke said you're best bet is to go to the site and see what they have there, if they have a Win 8 driver, definitely it. If not, the older Win7 one will work as long as you use the proper one (as in 32 bit vs 64 bit, that's the important part).

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