Windows 11 Asus board with odd box of entries upon install


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I have ASUS Turbo Lan, , ASUS -CPU -Z and Intel Optane storage and Management in the list of apps.. They all have an uninstall under each of them.
If they are worth keeping I will otherwise I ask if they can be uninstalled.
I previously uninstalled the first two but no matter how I tried I got an error message in a box and forgot the contents. It seems a driver could not be found and installed?,"
I have many images in different external drives and am back to a clean install due to the Macrium images[new rescue media].
Google implies Octane should not be uninstalled, I think.
Intel Optane storage is a cach system so the value depends on your drives or what you do with them.
for example SSD drives are fast by default with little need for cach but older HDD drives with actual spinning disc parts use cach to temp store data before sending it to your system... think of it like unpacking cooking items out of a big bag ready to make a cake, you want all the pots ready for flour and not have to stop cooking in order to find something

do you need\ want it = if your system has more than 1 old HDD or you do a lot of data storeage [Excel spreadsheets etc] then yes its prob worth having but modern systems playing games or only using SSD get no value from cach and it can in fact slow things down when all SSD are used because it adds an extra step
I have a new problem I installed windows 11 and did not install the Asus utility box which had drivers in it and now the computer is telling me I’m missing drivers for a bus controller and another unit I’m on my phone now it’s hard to elaborate should I reinstall that Asus utility box to obtain drivers
I am on my phone I did a clean install of windows 11 and omitted the Asus utility box which contains drivers after always done device manager and device and printers told me I am missing drivers those drivers are SM bus controller and PCI device should I try to install that a sushi utility box or how can I get those drivers
goto the Asus website and see if they have Windows 11 drivers for your model yet
II installed the drivers only from that ASUS utility box and all seems well except the "Computer" in drivers and printers has a 2 after it.

I think Windows 11 should have provided all drivers but instead they gave this utility box one needs to get drivers missing from normal installation with the ISO or MCT.

I apologize for the duplication.
Microsoft showed that people like computers which do things without asking so I don't see this as a problem for most