ATI graphic card problem :((

I'v been trying to load an ATI 5570 HD 1GB DDR2 HDMI DVI VGA PCI-E graphics card onto my computer. I've tried almost every which way to get my computer to load the hardware. When i put the card in and turn on the computer, the computer goes into overdrive or something and will not display anything. Could anyone explain to me why it's not working?

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Have you already had a PCIe card in the computer before now? If not, check your system BIOS and make sure its set to load graphics from the PCIe slot.

If you have on-board graphics and a second monitor, you can setup a dual screen to monitor exactly what is taking place. Usually a dedicated graphics card will disable on-board graphics. However things don't always work the way they are designed.

Sometimes it helps us if we know the computer hardware you are trying to upgrade from. Were the components on-board or were they pulled out of the computer?

Before, i had an ATI Vision Tek X300SEH 256MB graphic card in my computer. Then I got the HD 5570 card. I did wat the instructions told me to do. I uninstalled the old card, set the BIOS to PCI-E, and took out the old card. When i put the new card in, the computer fans ran extremely fast and didnt slow down like they usually do. I waited for over 30min. one time to see if it would have any effect, but no luck. I also tried plugging the VGA into the on-board, but no luck either.

Does the old card still work in the system?

the old card works well with my system. Although i already uninstalled and removed the hardware, should i install it again?

somebody please help me :(


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Is there any possibility that your power supply is not up to the demand? As best as I can determine from doing some searching these cards require a 400watt or greater power supply.

Yes, ive checked the requirements for the card and my computer is up to par. I have a 430watt power supply. My brother had an extra 700watt in his room, so i have to go get a cord adapter for it to fit my computer. If that doesnt help, then my next step would probably be a hardrive or ram.

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