Windows 8 ATI RV370 drivers


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Can I install video drivers for my ATI RV 370 video card? The generic drivers with Windows 8 make the fonts pixelated. Maybe the correct drivers would sharpen them up.
Yes you can. You should find the drivers at Global Provider of Innovative Graphics, Processors and Media Solutions | AMD for win8 preview. If there are not any for that, you can use the win7 drivers. The installer may not work at first. If it doesn't, run it in compatibility mode win7.

Having trouble finding the ATI RV370 driver. is it on another site? I did find another site with it listed, but all they want you to do is install their programs and don't let you download the drivers.

RV370 - Device Driver Download

this looks like a bogus page. to get you to buy their program. Is there a real site for downloading the ATI RV370 drivers?
The software itself is not bogus - it is designed to help you find drivers for Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP, which are not in beta testing. You landed on a page that is trying to help you find drivers for those systems. The bottom line is that if the latest drivers at AMD Support & Drivers do not work for this device under the Consumer Preview version, you will have to wait to see if newer unified AMD drivers that come out will support Windows 8 for your graphics card. Right now, you really cannot expect any driver support when the OS itself is in beta testing.

You are in an unfortunate position whereas this line of graphics card was actually designed in 2002. This is about one year after Windows XP became commercially available and before the current Windows Display Driver Model (WDDM vs. XPDM) for Windows Aero was even around. See this article for full understanding: XPDM vs. WDDM

You really may need to wait, as even more modern graphics cards using fully compatible drivers may run into a snag. I hope this explanation gives you some help.

For more information on this line of cards, just to give you some contrast, see also:
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Thanks for the info.

After restarting Win 8 this morning the fonts seem sharper than before, maybe it needed to be completely shut down and rebooted. Now it all looks as sharp as Linux Mint 12 on the other hdd.

The more I play with Windows 8, the more I like it. :)