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Great day all,

I am using Windows 7 on HP pavillion 33 entertainment notebook for College. I upgraded to IE 9 for college and soon realized that I could not attach my assignments in discussion boards. I then downloaded Firefox in order to try a different browser but in each browser i can not upload attachments. Any advice would be welcome.

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Check w/ the website in question that they have made themselves fully compatible w/ the latest browsers. Some gov't & educational sites (& others) don't keep up to date. Especially if the problem you mention only arises w/ that one site.


Thank you much....let me get on to this now.


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Can you attach anything here? Use the paperclip and try a .txt file or use the snipping tool to take a picture.

Drew is probably right about the site and IE9, but it does have a compatibility option (torn page icon) you might try to see if it helps. Probably the best place to go is other students, or the Tech dept.

Oh, yeah, my bad, plum didn't think to mention that... sure give the Compatibility Tool a shot. Thanks, 'salt'.


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